"The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools."
~ Thucydides

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A Letter to the Editor of the Altoona Mirror

Press Release by Gamedogs.org

Norman, OK - December 15, 2007

Dear Editors,


I wanted to write and tell you that I found your reporter's coverage of the Grime's theft case to be biased and a great disservice to impartial journalists that believe in the ethic of truthful, honest and unbiased reporting.


Today's headline should have read "Dog thief found guilty", as that is what she is and was found guilty of and is the fact of the matter and topic. Instead you allowed Mr. Ray to spin the 'truth' into her being an "advocate", much as he did in previous articles referring to the dog by the name given to him by the thief rather than his true owners.


It is not always easy as the owner of a pet to know when or what the right thing to do is, especially regarding euthanasia of a longtime pet, but if there is a question, it should be handled by proper authority and not vigilante extremists.


This woman CLAIMS to be an advocate, but she is really an extremist who has been convicted of stealing another person's pet. The likes of Ms. Grimes and her animal rights cohorts seek to ultimately eliminate all pet ownership that does not include the animal spending it's entire life indoors. They are attempting to accomplish this one little step at a time.


True dog advocates deal directly with pet owners and offer assistance when possible. They also encourage the keeping of animals for its lifetime. These people cared for Jake for nearly two decades, that is not the mark of some uncaring degenerates in the mind of anyone but an extremist. True dog advocates work within the Law, not circumvent and violate it.


From the beginning of time, dogs have been tethered, and continue to be so for NUMEROUS reasons. Perhaps the dog is not suited to a kennel (which by the way Ms. Grimes believes should also be illegal1), perhaps it is a rescue dog which one keeps on a chain instead of destroying (as I myself have done), perhaps the individual doesn't have the money to build an expensive, elaborate kennel system (should only the wealthy be allowed to keep pets?), perhaps the dog is used as a hunting or catch dog and is more suited outside and as we have seen recently with the ice and snow storms, it is far easier to reach and tend to a tethered dog than a kenneled one.


There is no evidence whatsoever that a tethered dog is any more unhappy, unhealthy or dangerous than any other dog. Any form of restraint can be abused. At what percentage do these extremists determine that lack of indoors human companionship becomes inhumane? The fact is they are just humanizing the dogs and projecting their own insecurities onto them.


The most dangerous animal is one that is not properly restrained by its OWNER. As long as the animal is cared for, the place of its keeping should be determined by the OWNER of the animal and provided it is fed, sheltered, watered and receives appropriate medical care when necessary it is no one else's business whether it lives 1% or 100% outdoors. If it is lacking any of the above it is for PROPER AUTHORITIES to deal with, not extremist vigilantes with publicity, bleeding-heart and fund raising agendas of their own.


It should not be some extremist or their group that defines pet ownership in America, or in Pennsylvania. I believe in traditional humane values regarding animals, but I cannot and do not support an extremist agenda which sanctions the theft of another's animals/property or restriction on the humane use, keeping and/or care of pets.


By referring to a convicted thief and criminal in the manner your reporter/organization has you've become a participant in that extremist agenda. You've glorified a woman who is now a criminal, convicted of a theft which the Mirror story is allegedly reporting upon.


Thank you for your time.


1 https://tammygrimes.blogspot.com/ ("founder and executive director ... dedicated to ending the chaining and penning of dogs")

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