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October 14, 2007

Heart Association and Pit Bulls' Image both get a boost from 5km Heart Walk in Florida

Here are some photos from some dedicated and positive APBT owners showing their dog in a great light and helping a good cause at the same time!

Heart Walk
Love from Strangers

They did a fantastic job! he's just adorable in his little sweater :) Now folks, this is a GREAT thing, but please only bring out dogs to these type of events that are suited to such things, like this one is. if you bring out dogs that would be barking and taking shots at other dogs (let alone people!) it would go the opposite way in publicity, so please keep that in mind when being inspired by this story. There are many ways to help the APBT's cause, please find at least one that you and/or your dogs can do. If you need suggestions or want to help but don't know how - drop me an email, I can find something for you to do. ;)