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November 18, 2007

It seems the ever greedy HSUS is trying to buy the VIck dogs. We can all just imagine the amount of money and media attention this move would generate for them. Of course they don't operate any actual shelters and it seems like decent folks are already standing by with good homes for the dogs, unfortunately that would only be truly HUMANE to the dogs and not the HSUS wallet or their donation-hungry publicity machine. This is from a dog law email list I'm on.

As you all know, we have a rescue team in place that has been standing by for over 6 months to take in the non-fighting dogs at Michael Vick's property.

It has just come to my attention that the County now plans to give the dogs to HSUS - not to rescue. This means several things. First, the ambulance chasers will get miles and miles (and likely millions of dollars worth of publicity) out of this. People who don't know any better might actually think that HSUS puts dogs first. We all know that their wallets come first.
Second, the dogs will likely be sent to HSUS sponsored shelters. These poor dogs have been confined for seven months. We have nice comfy foster homes lined up but they will likely be back in a concrete kennel. Haven't they suffered enough?
Finally, I believe that if any of these dogs make it out of these shelters alive, there is a very good chance that a large number of potential adopters will want them just because they had an association with Vick. Our team decided that we were not going to tell potential adopters where the dogs came from. We believe it was in their best interest to treat them like any other rescue. We are extremely concerned that people will want them for the wrong reasons.
Surry County promised these dogs to us many months ago. They have now changed their mind and gone back on their promise. I believe it is because HSUS gave them a buttload of money (in effect, buying the dogs). I also believe that Surry County is angry with me because I had all of you contact them. Tyrone Franklin asked someone close to me to ask us to back off because we were disrupting county business with all of our phone calls. Oh well. Too bad.
So, my friends..... I am asking you once again to call Surry County and educate them about the mistake they are making in giving these dogs to HSUS. Tell them that these innocent dogs have suffered enough - they deserve a foster home - not a concrete kennel. They deserve a home because they are good dogs - not because they were associated with a dog fighter.

Please forward this widely and ask everyone you know to call:

Call Tyrone Franklin, County Administrator for Surry County at 757.294.5271. If you call after hours, you can leave voicemail. If his voicemail is full, some people have said that they are randomly dialing other extensions and leaving messages - asking that they be forwarded to Mr. Franklin. Of course, I don't condone this.
Second, call Bill Hefty - County Attorney - at 804.780.3143. Note that Bill's secretary Connie is very supportive and very nice. If you call during working hours, please BE NICE TO HER. She has been a pleasure to deal with.