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~ T. S. Eliot

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October 14, 2007

I have had this sitting in my inbox for a few months now. I've been a tad slow getting updates done, but I'm moving now! So while this may seem a bit dated you can see how the HSUS is always looking for some profit for themselves and their extremist agenda, and will use any sad story to do so, no less than three times in eight paragraphs here:

The Humane Society of the United States
August 20, 2007

Sign our virtual thank you card for the U.S. Attorneys in the
Vick case:
https://community.hsus.org/campaign/da_thank_you/wi8xx(edited out working link)xx1iw68tm?
Make a special gift to our Animal Cruelty Response and Reward
https://secure.hsus.org/01/cruelty_response_fund/nWpaa(edited out working link)1boOs?source=xxxx

Dear Friend,

Today, Michael Vick's attorney announced that Vick has
apologized and is taking full responsibility for his actions in
relation to federal dogfighting charges. When Vick pleads guilty
in court, a case that has jolted the conscience of a nation will
have reached something of a conclusion.

But our work is far from over.

I encourage you now to sign our virtual thank you card for U.S.
Attorney Chuck Rosenberg and his staff, who have prosecuted this
case and helped bring the tragedy of animal fighting into the
https://community.hsus.org/campaign/da_thank_you/wi8(edited out working link)1iw68tm?

And I ask you to help us bring other horrible crimes against
animals to an end by making a special gift to our Animal Cruelty
Response and Reward Fund. Click here to donate:
https://secure.hsus.org/01/cruelty_response_fund/nWp_zM(no working links for extremist dog killers!)s?source=xxxx

The Humane Society of the United States has charted an increase
in law enforcement activity since the Vick indictment, with at
least 32 animal fighting rings broken up in 15 states in just
the last month alone. Vast numbers of other cases, however, need
attention -- and to that end, we've doubled our standard reward
to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction
of dogfighters.

Our phones are ringing off the hook with requests for help by
law enforcement officials, who often want our expertise in both
investigating these crimes and coordinating the logistics
involved in rescuing large numbers of animals from abusive

In fact, our Animal Cruelty Response and Reward Fund was created
to make this work possible. In addition to enabling us to offer
rewards, this fund helps underwrite our undercover
investigations, our work assisting local law enforcement, our
championing of tougher laws, and our highly trained response
teams that rescue animals from large-scale cruelty cases.

We must not let the scourge of animal fighting continue after
the publicity surrounding the Vick case recedes. Please thank
the U.S. Attorneys today by visiting this link:
https://community.hsus.org/campaign/da_thank_you/wi8(edited out working link)1iw68tm?

Then, help make our cruelty response work possible for tomorrow.
https://secure.hsus.org/01/cruelty_response_fund/nWp_zM(still no working links for extremist dog killers!)Os?source=xxxx

Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States