"The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart."
~ Robert Green Ingersoll

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November 2, 2007

These kill-crazy humaniacs saw fit to kill more than a dozen puppies the same day a man was apparently accused of fighting some of his dogs. He was neither charged with a crime nor found guilty of anything, and those poor puppies were certainly guilty of nothing but being "pit bulls" and they had them killed in the same day! Acting in accordance with "Humane" Society standard operating procedure they once again put pressure on law enforcement and public policy and had a group of puppies (and dogs) killed due to baseless fear of and hatred for this breed. I'm sure they also see this as a scare tactic to people who actually care for and about their dogs, unlike these degenerates.

This is just the sort of situation I was describing as a possibility in Missouri in an article below. Those dogs seem to have been given a temporary stay but I have seen reports that the main mouth piece for that "Humane" organization keeping them has led many fights in Missouri to ban hunting.

This particular tragedy occurred in Mississippi and is further evidence of what I keep saying...average people think they are supporting soft and fuzzy do-gooders, but they are really supporting extremists who want to make all animal use or ownership illegal. They also use every tragic chance they get to push forward that agenda, which includes killing every pit bull they possibly can, and each time they make the public more accustomed to swallowing their lies, bigotry and hate. They're sick people lacking the basic compassion they accuse others of being without.


Dozens of dogs killed...

Daily Journal


Daily Journal

BENTON COUNTY - One man was arrested and 49 pit bulls euthanized after an alleged dog-fighting ring was discovered Monday morning here off Highway 7 south.


All dogs - including more than one dozen puppies - were released to the sheriff's department and euthanized that evening by Tupelo veterinarian Isis Johnson.

Johnson said it's a shame to put down so many animals but warned that their deaths are the result of the illegal sport.

"These are gaming dogs, and they're bred to fight," said Melissa Chipman, president of the Marshall County Humane Society, which was called to the scene. "Even the puppies have tendencies to fight other animals and even people."

Chipman said she's seen other dog-fighting rings before, but this is by far the biggest.

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