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UPDATE: December 14, 2007


It should be noted that this is one of the leading AR nuts that helped to start and keep going anti-tethering hysteria, propaganda and legislation.

I've held off on posting more on this until the verdict came down, and it did just a bit ago, GUILTY! I also didn't want some fools to make us look bad in this one like they did the brian dunne blog (a la don dricker). I had been fighting with these AR nuts on the altoonamirror articles for weeks now on and off. These people are NUTS! I was called a sociopath and "human centric" (lol!) for saying that it was ok for dogs to live outdoors and that I was a dog owner, not 'guardian'.

This woman felt that because she was president of this non profit group she had the authority to swear out a criminal complaint against the owners of the dog she's been CONVICTED OF STEALING.

Here's an excerpt:
as the president of a nonprofit animal rescue organization, Tammy has the authority or standing to file her own criminal complaint against the Arnolds. She has done so. She also has authority to seek a search warrant/seizure warrant. I can't speak to any attemtps to do that in this case because she simply did not have time. My point is that she does have authority under the law not held by other private citizens because she isn't just some do-gooder or "AR nut." She has standing under the law to take action.

If in fact that is the case THAT LAW MUST BE CHANGED! This is the sort of thing that the ARs have been pushing recently to allow private citizens to "charge" pet owners and get around the due process of law! Also, clearly 'president of a nonprofit animal rescue organization' and 'AR nut' are not mutually exclusive!

Here's another one I got from the comments posted by her defenders...
Her 14 year moved across the country to get away from his bully stepfather...who Tammy is divorced from

my reply there:
her kid has to move across the country to get away from someone this thief brought into their lives. great judge of character and situation then eh.

and this little tidbit which is very telling about the mentality of this nut job:
This woman make a living off of people that she coerces into giving her money.This case could have been done long ago,but she will do anything for attention.And the more attention she gets the more money she gets from people.This woman kept her kids away from their grandpaps house beause their pap raise beagles for rabbit hunting outside in a large fenced in area.After raising beagles for over 50 yrs, Tammy comes and tells him he can't see his grandkids until he gets rid of his dogs.He did,4 them.This is a criminal and it is believed that she has stolen dogs before,just got caught this time.Anyone who knows her knows she is a bully and if you cross her she is vindictive.Also,where are her kids when she is rescueing dogs,I think her 2 kids need rescued from the filth of her house.10dogs,20+cats all inside,a great place for kids. I think I smell it from here.Poor kids deserve better, in my opinion.

Anyway, GREAT NEWS, good to see decent, sane, law abiding citizens still prevail, at least in this situation.

Be sure and also check out my Letter to the Editors of the Altoona newspaper.

On Thursday, an investigating officer testified there was no evidence of abuse or neglect.

It was quite the scene in the courtroom when a police officer, also an expert in computer crime investigation, presented thong underwear with a picture of Jake the dog printed on them.

The officer bought the underwear from a Web site to which Tammy Grimes submitted her art for re-sale on apparel. The evidence helped the prosecution make the case that Grimes stole the dog as a pawn for profit. Grimes also sold her own artwork with pictures of the dog on her own Web site.

Other witnesses for the prosecution brought evidence to support accusations that Grimes used Jake as a publicity stunt for Dogs Deserve Better, the organization that she founded. The prosecution replayed audio recordings from a local radio station. On the recordings, Grimes admitted that she took Jake. Grimes also made the admission that she wanted publicity.


This is a follow up to THIS STORY.