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September 23, 2007

I've been doing some fall cleaning lately, and you know I got to thinking the other day that in addition to the old historical dog magazines I had, I also had some copies of perfectly legitimate videos that could potentially have been misconstrued to come under the heading of animal fighting under some of these new, crazy laws. I had one called "Marty Stouffer's Wild America Spectacular Showdowns" which is all these wild match ups. What if someone videos two black widows in a field somewhere in Montana fighting and one killing the other, would THAT be considered animal fighting and be prosecutable? It sure gets to be a pretty slippery slope.

Additionally, there was a good program on PBS' Now this morning which got me thinking about this stuff again. It's pretty frightening. Apparently the government has for some time now been supplied by AT&T (and others, but the overwhelming majority seems to come from AT&T) with virtually all emails going through their system. AT&T handles email not only for their own users but several "free" email providers as well, including yahoo. It probably includes a huge majority of all emails sent or received in this country, and maybe others (all the "maybe's" and "probably's" are a result of this entire program being secret and under no oversight by anyone but good ol' GW and his minions of anti-privacy pirates). Altogether this amounts to billions, maybe trillions, of emails which, as part of their routing, have been run through some sort of program that decides if they warrant further examination and flags those for follow up.

It would not surprise me one bit if somehow the hsus/peta lobby could convince this president and congress that alleged "dogfighters"[1] are terrorists and somehow make this blatantly unConstututional practice acceptable as it relates to 'them'. the supposedly oppositional democrats have bought right into all this secret wiretapping bullsht, and email interception, and validated it with law as recently as a few months ago. argh.

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[1] let's not forget that just a few months ago, in June '07, JP Goodwin was quoted as saying there were "20,000" nationally known dogfighters in their 'massive database'[2] . Now, just a few months later, their estimate has doubled to "40,000"[3]! that's 800 individuals per state! I believe it's a ridiculous LIE designed to gather more donations. Not only is there no possible way that that many people are actually doing such a thing in any sort of supposedly organized fashion, but I believe they must have many, many people on there that are completely innocent!

Additionally, if anyone has thoughts on how to find out if they've shared this supposed document with any governmental agency, and if so which, I'd be happy to hear them. I find this whole matter to be quite McCarthy-like and patently un-American and I could likely assist in making any FOIA-type claims that might help expose this travesty.

[2 ]https://content.hamptonroads.com/story.cfm?story=126838&ran=241086
"...was raided and evidence of a suspected dogfighting operation was found there in April, Goodwin added the NFL star to a massive data­base he oversees. The 20,000 names it contains include a rogue’s gallery of the nation’s most notorious known and suspected dog fighters" - notice the repeated use of the word SUSPECTED. he had only been accused and convicted of nothing and yet was added to some quasi-governmental database anyway.

[3 ]https://www.wavy.com/global/video/popup/pop_player.asp?ClipID1=1699913