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January 1, 2008

On their Petco News site they are sponsoring the unchainyourdog.org group which believes that all pets are little human substitutes and that any chaining is cruel and makes a dog miserable and neurotic. Of course they don't come out and say it but this will soon lead to their real agenda of no dogs kept outdoors at all.

It is no one else's right to decide if my dogs are "happy" or not, so long as they are receiving necessary care, and by the way I have MORE THAN A DOZEN YEARS of actual hands-on experience with keeping dogs indoors, on chains, on cable runs and in pens and NONE IS ANY MORE CRUEL THAN ANOTHER! It so happens that my dogs lead perfectly happy lives outdoors (mainly) although this doesn't fit their feel-good, donation seeking agenda does it?

I have already covered this anti-tethering propaganda a few times, and it wouldn't surprise me to find that this group was somehow started or driven by CONVICTED THIEF Tammy Grimes. These people are obsessive nuts, apparently lacking their own human companionship and feel the overly-sensitized need to project their feelings onto animals.

It's quite disappointing that PETCO, a nationwide retailer whom I thought would seek to provide merchandise and respect to ALL pet owners would instead choose to promote this extremist agenda and thereby disrespect the majority of normal pet lovers and owners.

I would encourage any of you that believe in Animal Welfare rather than Animal Rights as well as any of you that keep your pets outside for even a portion of their time to BOYCOTT PETCO!