"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."
~ Nelson Mandela

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January 6, 2008

The following guest commentary was written as a Letter to the Editor by California Jack regarding the recent seizure of a man's dogs based on the suspicion of some neighbors and the greatly overstated case made by, yes once again, the ever-ready dog killers and opponents of all traditional animal use, the H$U$. Thanks to Jack for presenting an intelligent, well articulated position and allowing me to reprint it.

by California Jack

Your article on the fellow whose dogs were taken from 15001 Gingerbread Lane, in Arkansas was sensationalist, and I am sure this was because of the misinformation provided to you by HSUS.

I sold that fellow 6 of his dogs, one of which was under a co-ownership as a breeding animal. This dog I sold him (named Icon) didn't even have teeth and yet the idiots of HSUS still consider him a "fighting dog"!! (The reason Icon doesn't have teeth is because he likes to dig up large rocks and walk around with them in his mouth.)

The other adult dog I sold him is a female (Banshee) who is so docile that she wouldn't fight any animal, no matter how provoked!! The other 4 dogs I sold this guy are puppies. Yet all of these dogs, who have never had a fight in their lives, are being held in prison in the freezing cold. 3 of these puppies are so small and so young that they will likely die in the "shelter." The man had them in his house, to keep them warm, and now these young, innocent puppies are on ice cold cement being exposed to the elements.

A story that is not being told in your paper is the story of Americans losing their liberties. Of how a man (who is in the armed services and gainfully employed) has had his personal property raided, seized, and taken from him with NOT ONE crime that he has committed, and with NOT ONE shred of evidence provided. The idea that the sanctity of a man's property can be violated and seized, all based on "a tip" from a neighbor ... a neighbor who didn't actually witness a single crime, but who invented a series of "what ifs" in his imagination ... goes against every principle upon which our free nation was built. The HSUS and sheriffs have NOTHING on this man, their entire case is based on pure speculation, and yet he faces a trial and his dogs are in misery as I write this.

The idea that dog toys on a premises constitute "fighting paraphernalia" is ludicrous, just as if I decide to jog in the morning that this means I am preparing myself for a boxing match. It is simply insane, and the real crime that has been committed was against this man's freedom and property, a direct violation of the precept of Unreasonable Search and Seizure.

This is the story that you really should be focusing on ... which is the gradual loss of all individual rights in America, by a government that is slowly removing all legitimate due process from Americans ... and that will take what they want and justify it with lying, slanted, totally invented media copy.