"The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools."
~ Thucydides

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geez, this woman's dog is shot by cops in her own yard while doing nothing wrong because it barked at INTRUDERS??? It couldn't have been too dangerous if the 'drug suspect' ran through without incident. And what about not destroying other people's property in pursuit of a NON VIOLENT criminal? What if the bullets had gone awry? Endangering innocent citizens and their property for non violent crime is the mark of out of control macho cops who love taking every chance to shoot their guns. This is police state type bs!


Officers Shoot Dog While Chasing Drug Suspect; Owner Angry

October 17, 2008

ATLANTA -- An Atlanta dog owner is demanding answers after a police chase and shooting. Police were chasing a drug suspect when they opened fire on a dog, she said. The pit bull's owner, Tracy Dummetts, said her dog, Veruca, was riddled with bullet holes after an unexpected run-in with police. Thursday afternoon, Dummetts said she heard yelling and saw police running around her 6-foot privacy fence, apparently chasing someone, when the suspect hopped the fence and an officer followed. Dummetts said she headed to her back door to get Veruca inside, but before she got there, she heard gunfire and moments later found her dog on the ground.

SLIDESHOW: Dog Shot By Atlanta Police Officers

In a written statement, Atlanta police told Channel 2 the pit bull attacked the officer and he fired his weapon after fearing for his safety.

"She may have been barking, but she's never bitten anyone. She's a very friendly dog, so he was clearly just afraid of dogs because the suspect went through the yard and jumped over and didn't have any problem," said Dummetts.

Dummetts said she begged the officers to help her get her dog to an animal hospital or give her a police escort and they refused.

She said no one from the department has offered apologies or help for her vet bills.