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Extreme Animal Rights Groups: Do They Really Help Animals?

Posted on May 28th, 2008
by REXANO in All News

REXANO Editorial By Zuzana Kukol, www.REXANO.org

More than half of US households own a pet. Most are too busy to research the current politics behind the animal rights versus animal welfare movement.

Animal welfare, AW, movement wants to improve the conditions of animals, animal rights, AR, movement, in the long run, is against any and all animal use, even as pets.

The problem is, many animal rights groups are wolf in sheep clothing, pretending to be animal welfare. But upon close inspection it is clear they don’t do anything for the animals, most money is spent in high salaries, fancy offices and lobbying.

These sneaky groups use anything for their agenda to separate honest animal lovers from their money:

The economy is bad and more houses are in foreclosure? Well, let’s create a fund for pets affected by foreclosure, even though there is no definite proof more people are leaving pets behind when moving. There are just isolated cases of few pets left behind, which might not be a new occurrence at all, it might simply be a case of media focusing on it as the latest fashionable topic.

The real danger to animals is not the economy or homes foreclosures. The real danger is the extreme animal rights groups pushing for more and more legislation on animal ownership and use.


The current trend of banning exotic animals, certain breeds of dogs (BSL, Breed Specific Legislation) without grandfathering, or limiting the number of pets, displaces more animals ( forcing them to be abandoned, released or surrendered to shelter or animal sanctuaries) than all the foreclosures in the whole USA.

Animal owners need to be cautious making sure the money they donate to these groups will not in the end be used against them and their own rights as animal owners. Research the groups you are donating to and educate yourself about their true goals to see if they own any shelters, and how much of their donations will go towards direct hands on animal care.

It is not fair for loved and spoiled exotic animals to be forced out of their loving home to some animal rights sanctuary that forbids any loving human contact with these animals, that is an abuse in itself.

Furthermore, these AR sanctuaries are dependent on donations, it makes absolutely no sense to remove the happy exotic pet from self supporting private home and send it to the sanctuary that is not self reliant and self supportive. If the economy is so bad, then charitable donations are the first expense people remove from their list.

Animal rights bills turning currently legal well cared for pets into illegal ones, and sending them to an overcrowded ‘˜no human contact’ sanctuary that has no financial plan in place, is abusive and grossly irresponsible.

It is time to fight these AR groups in sheep clothing and protect our right to own a real pet wolf, or any animal of our choice, this is America.

Just Say NO! To Exotic Animal Bans, Just Say NO! To BSL and mandatory spay and neuter legislation.