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January 3, 2008

It should be noted that they are relying on John Goodwin as an "expert", pfft. I just wanted you to all be aware that they are holding these sort of seminars, where they are holding them (the last one was in Indiana 10/30/07) and that they're definitely including what they call "Internet investigation of animal fighting" in addition to lessons on how to kill the dogs as quickly as possible and how to misconstrue and wrongfully allege that legitimate items are contraband.

Illegal Animal Fighting Investigations (Lawrenceville)


Lawrenceville, GA

$50 - Regular Rate
$40 - Shelter Partner Rate

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Hosted by
Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department

About the Training

In recent years, we have seen an increase in animal fighting, both in urban settings and in rural areas. To combat this trend, Humane Society University provides this valuable training to law enforcement, criminal justice, and animal care professionals. Our instructors are well-seasoned, highly experienced, and dedicated individuals who will provide a wealth of information to help you win the war against illegal animal fighting in your community.

Course Topics:

  • History of animal fighting
  • Instruction on the categories of animal fighting
  • Review of animal fighting paraphernalia
  • Matters concerning search warrants, performing investigations, and recognizing and logging evidence at an arrest or raid
  • Disposition of confiscated animals
  • Dealing with the media
  • Preparing a case for court
  • Recognizing street fighting and the best means for making an arrest
  • Animal fighting connection to other felony crimes
  • Knowing, interpreting, and applying the law
  • Internet investigation of animal fighting

Due to the confidential nature of the material presented in the class, enrollment is restricted to law enforcement officers; prosecutors and judges; and animal control/humane investigators/veterinarians if employed or contracted with a government agency (sheriff's department, police department, health department,etc.).


John Goodwin, Manager, Animal Fighting Issues
The Humane Society of the United States

Sergeant David R. Hunt, Special Investigations Unit
Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Columbus, Ohio

Guest Speakers
Laura Janssen, Senior Assistant District Attorney
Fulton County District Attorney's Office
Atlanta, Georgia

Judge Carla Brown
State Court of Gwinnett County
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Judge Patti Muise
Recorder's Court of Gwinnett County
Lawrenceville, Georgia