"Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke."
~ Benjamin Disraeli

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This is Max Coats / Jamie Long and Cuban Cowboy's most recent site. I already emailed this to dozens of you, this is for the others that visit here and care about cops and H$U$ informants using the boards and websites to collect and solicit information from and about dogmen.

This is a screen shot from their source code (that's the html coding that makes the page appear how it does):
The HTML Source Code from the apbt news links page
Anyone can go and look at this themselves by going to THEIR OWN PAGE (https://apbtnews.com/links.html) and following the simple steps shown here (at least until they see this and edit it away):
How to go look for yourself
(you can also type ctrl+f and search for "hsus" in the source code and it will be easier to find).

Now someone please explain to me why these guys would have code for the Humane Society secretly hidden in their page code? THREE times? It starts under the "H" heading and I can tell you what I think happened. Jamie/Max/Cowboy copied the page from some HSUS.ORG links page that they use to monitor dog boards and when using a certain type of editor you can delete a link from the page but what happens is sometimes it really just deletes the text portion but leaves the html code for the link in the source.

But what page could they be copying that has dog boards AND the HSUS.ORG link in it?! I've talked about this with many people and none of us could come up with any good answer that did not include something sneaky and/or dirty.

More information can be found at https://truthteller.we.bs/news.html and https://truthteller.we.bs/


One last note, a few years ago I exposed bluntdog (that runs gamedogs.com) as observing peoples' private whispers in his chatroom when he denied being able to do so. I am also aware that a guy was questioned by his local detectives and during that questioning they specifically referenced the gamedogs.com chatroom and referenced his nickname in there as well as others. There are several additional things which are very suspicious about bluntdog, so that should be kept in mind when you see him have negative things to say about me and this site, which he always seems to be doing. It's most likely gamedogs.com that was being referenced by John Goodwin in that video, as that is the site which is being monitored by H$U$ and aiding the prosecution of dogmen, not this one.  I don;t let narcs inflame and bait people into saying stuff here.