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pitchick says:
I cannot believe this woman holds herself out as an expert while publicly admitting such an incredible lack of good judgement. Anyone with half a brain that has had dogs for a bit knows to be cautious around a newly introduced dog, more so if it might be a food guarder. What damage could have been done to just let the damn dog finish eating the food she 'dropped' on the floor rather than try to 'move' a dog she has very little experience with and ultimately cost him his life. I cannot believe anyone could view and/or portray her as an expert (well the $1000 she paid I guess attempts to confer that on herself) when she clearly brought this ordeal on herself, IF it really happened, and frankly I think it's a set up designed to further their extremist anti-chaining cause. Also, I was looking over some studies a few days ago that suggested that neutered dogs were more likely to bite children than unneutered, but then that won't fit the grimes/peta agenda too well.

everyone should remember this woman is a CONVICTED DOG THIEF!

reddogswon (sent this to me) says:
I can't believe that ANYONE would be STUPID enough to do this. This ignorant woman actually brought all these strange dogs into her kitchen to feed them. She was lucky not to have instigated a full-fledged riot by her foolish behavior. Even normally well-behaved dogs will finish their own food and encroach on a slower eater. And this stupid person sets herself up as a dog expert and inveighs against chaining dogs? What an idiot! Of course the attack on tethering dogs is a H$U$,PETA,ALF popular cause and many foolish elected officials will fall for it and HAVE. The next cause will be rescuing dogs who are put in pens. Everyone is supposed to have their dog with them 24/7. The desired result is to make dog ownership so onerous that normal individuals will be unable to do it and the ultimate hoped-for-result is the elimination of family pets. The first thing that convicted dog thief Tammy Grimes did was to post the story of her successful theft to the ALF website. Now a variety of animal Rights and Terrorism supporting pols have jumped on the bandwagon. AMAZING! Grimes had the gall to blame the attack on herself on a neutered dog which she placed in a situation that was an invitation to disaster.

1 March, 2007, Altoona, PA ’ Dogs Deserve Better founder Tammy Sneath Grimes was attacked in her home in Tipton, Pennsylvania, on the morning of February 28th, 2007 by a recent foster dog from Ohio. Cyclone, an unneutered and unsocialized black chow chow, had been rescued from chains only three weeks previously, and had been neutered by Dogs Deserve Better February 16th. Grimes suffered multiple lacerations, the worst of which was on her left ankle, 5 inches long and 1 inch deep. She was also bitten on her left arm and chest.

Grimes had been feeding the chow separately from the other foster dogs, but on Wednesday a bowl was knocked off the table onto the floor, and the chow began to eat the food immediately. She then fed the other fosters, and when she tried to move the chow from another's bowl, he turned and attacked her, coming back repeatedly until she was able to get pots and pans from the sink to protect herself.

Grimes son Rayne called 9-1-1, and a Bellwood ambulance took them both to the Altoona Hospital Emergency Room, where she underwent x-rays to determine if the Achilles tendon was affected, and received wound care and stitches. She was then released with medication and crutches.

Grimes states, "I've been bitten before, but this attack was different, terrifying. Cyclone meant to do tremendous damage, and I feel blessed that my condition is not worse than it is. Unfortunately, Cyclone is a product of our societal mistakes; an unneutered male dog, left chained for life and unsocialized with humans, may be exceedingly dominant in personality. He may not understand that humans are meant to be pack leaders, and he may have no fear of attacking even the human who is caring for him.

I'm so grateful that a child did not approach him while he was eating and chained; I feel sure the child would have been dead had that been the case. A unneutered male, alone and territorial, can be as deadly as a loaded shotgun laying in your yard. I am more dedicated to this cause than ever...I would like to prevent others from going through what I've gone through; the terror of being attacked by something so powerful, knowing I could easily die, is not a pain I would wish on anyone."

The attack was investigated Thursday morning by Pennsylvania Dog Law officers Bob Beck and Harold Walstrom, and Cyclone was taken to the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society where he was euthanized as a dangerous dog. Grimes continued, "I'd like to thank the officers and the Humane Society for their kindness in a very hard situation. While I'm exceedingly sad to fail Cyclone, I realize that in light of the circumstances, there was no choice remaining for him. I will keep Cyclone's ashes by my bed with Bo's and others who've gone to the bridge."

(I'm sure that will be a great comfort to Cyclone- says reddogswon)

Posted by Tammy Grimes April 2007

(pitchick says: I would of course have posted the link where this came from on her site, but she has apparently removed it the last few days (and replaced it with a story about the dog - Jake - that she stole and is making money off of), since she probably noticed it had been getting numerous hits from its email pass around, and that it didn't make her look very good or "expert-ish".)