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Boy this woman is just too much! Where does she get off thinking she gets to set the punishment for a crime she admitted to and was convicted of? I think she should have had a harsher sentence, it would have set a precedent as a deterrent and then maybe these nuts would think twice before they intrude on other people's property and lives and then try to make political and monetary hay of it. She made thousands and thousands of dollars improperly appropriating the image of the stolen dog as well as soliciting from this story for her extremist agenda, but wants to complain about $1500. I think it should have been closer to 10k which is probably more along the lines of what she made off with in this criminal enterprise.

Sentence too harsh, convicted dog-thief says

The Tribune-Democrat
Published: March 04, 2008

HOLLIDAYSBURG ’ The Blair County woman convicted in December of stealing a tethered dog thinks the 300 hours of community service she was sentenced to last month is too severe.

The community service should be closer to 25 hours, Tammy Grimes maintains in court documents, because her conviction on theft and receiving stolen property charges were misdemeanors.

Grimes, 43, of Antis Township, a dog advocate and founder of Dogs Deserve Better, a national anti-tethering organization, is asking Judge Elizabeth Doyle to reconsider her Feb. 22 sentence including the community service.

The request for reconsideration is only the first step, said defense attorney Phil Robertson, who likely will appeal Grimes’ conviction today or Thursday. It is the start of a fight Grimes is willing to take to state Superior Court and beyond, if necessary, he said.

In September 2006, Grimes, went on to the property of Steve and Lori Aungst of East Freedom and removed ‘Jake,‘ a 19-year-old arthritic shepherd mix that she said was being abused.

She placed him in foster care, and he died five months later.

Robertson said the community service portion of the sentence is unfair not only because of the time involved, but also because of the money. She will pay $5 per hour to participate, bringing the cost to $1,500.

‘I’ve never seen it at 300 hours before,‘ Robertson said of the punishment in relation to the severity of Grimes’ crime.

Grimes also objects to the more than $1,700 the court assessed her to pay for the jury and deputy and court staff overtime for the trial.

She has complied with one element of the sentence: Removing from an Internet site called ‘Cafe Press‘ all items offered for sale bearing Jake’s image. Other images of the dog on her Web site remain. Robertson hopes the appeals will suspend the sentence, allowing Grimes those images to stay.

Robertson said Grimes has no objection to the one-year probation that also was part of her sentence.