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February 1, 2008

From Visalia, California. With so much negative publicity lately I found this a refreshing change.

Pit bulls can be a loving breed of dog

I am writing in response to (SPCA policy) by Mr. Jack Lowery Dec. 20, 2007. I give that gentleman two thumbs up for speaking up for a breed of dog (and they are dogs they have four legs and a wagging tail just like all other dogs) that are one of the most awesome breeds out there.

It is just sad that after being so loyal to this organization he had to find out how they really feel about certain breeds. Sometimes I feel like we're back in the slave days where only certain colors were allowed in certain laces. That's how pit bulls are treated in a lot of places.

I do foster care for another local dog facility. My wife and I have been doing it for more than five years and have placed many dogs in living homes. When we first starting fostering, we knew very little about some breeds. So you will never guess what breed we decided to foster only because they get such a bad rap and sometimes no second chances. You guessed it. We chose to foster the horrible, terrible, jaw-clamping pit bull, and you would be surprised that the only thing they want to clamp onto is a dog biscuit or blanket.

We have placed many pits of all ages and sizes to responsible owners and never had a problem. We do fix them first so that there's no unnecessary breeding. And we do socialize them before adoption, not because they are bad, but because some come from bad situations and have to be shown that there are good people out there.

But remember, we can't save them all, because the state only gives them so much time in the pound. And we are also shorthanded and can only do so much.

But again I praise Mr. Lowery and just want him to know that if he ever wants to put his donations to good use, he is more than welcome to donate to us. It will 100 percent go to the dogs, pit bulls included. And if he wants we will adopt him a pit bull of any age. We're not prejudiced.