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This girl obviously has good intentions and is doing some great things with her pet. However she appears to be a newcomer to the breed and criticizing people who use a chain/tether is just playing into the humaniacs' hands. I did weight pull, agility, obedience, conformation and therapy with my old dog Simon. I also put him on a chain and let him just chill sometimes.  Being properly and safely restrained is not cruelty!

Pit bull owner fights the stereotypes

Eyewitness News 4

Cassandra Garner says some people assume she is training her pit bull for fighting A North Valley woman says some people assume the worst when they see the rigorous exercise regimen of her pit bull terrier, Hachi. But the prize-winning dog isn't training for a fight.

About a year and a half ago, her owner, Cassandra Garner started entering her dog in weight pull competitions.

Garner says Hachi loves it. Plus, it's a way for the dog to burn off the extra energy pit bulls commonly have."The pit bull that doesn't get any exercise and is chained to his house all day, that is animal cruelty," Garner said.

Part of Hachi's exercise includes pulling a weighted sled along a trail in the North Valley. Garner said passing drivers have directed some strong language toward her.

"People drive by (saying) things that I probably shouldn't say on camera," she said. "People see (Hachi) doing strength training and they think, what else could a pit bull do--it must be to fight."

She said people have reported her to authorities because of their assumptions, and the responding deputies find nothing wrong.

"They are all very professional, very apologetic, sorry for wasting your time," Garner said.

Despite the distractions, Hachi has grown into a champion, claiming multiple ribbons at competitions across the country.

"The competition she went to this past weekend, she actually had most weight pulled by pulling 2,760 pounds," Garner said.

Garner said she has had her dog's health checked out and has papers certifying the pit bull's hips, heart and thyroid gland are healthy enough for the dog to compete. Now Garner is trying to convince everyone else her dog is doing what she loves.

"I think that if they just stopped for a second and looked at the situation, that they wouldn't have such a negative feeling towards it" she said.