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unfortunately, the Great Dane won the contest. Bonnie Hunt did have Ruby come out first and spent way longer with her than any of the others. After seeing the other two top contestants I thought Ruby was a shoe-in. There was a nice segment on how sweet and gentle Ruby's disposition was. They also talked about how she was not only in the Minnesota Animal Hall of Fame but was also a therapy AND service dog. They showed a picture of her riding on the plane with her owners. I think she also gets a lifelong supply of Milkbones and will be featured on some of the promotional stuff.

Pit bull a finalist in national 'spokesdog' contest

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Friday, February 20, 2009





Submitted photo
Pit bull Ruby Bettendorf, shown here with her "sister" Sadie Bettendorf, is one of three finalists for Milk-Bone's 25th anniversary "spokesdog" contest.


Thanks to the support of (Stillwater - sic) Gazette readers, local therapy dog Ruby Bettendorf was one of the top three vote-getters in a national contest to find Milk-Bone's 100th anniversary "spokesdog."

The pit bull and her owner Pat Bettendorf, of Scandia, recently traveled to Los Angeles to find out if they won the contest, which will pay the top dog $100,000 and fly them around the country to appear at promotional events. The results of the competition will be announced Monday on the Bonnie Hunt Show.


C'mon folks let's get one of ours out there in this sort of high profile, positive position! You can vote once a day, every day!

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Ruby, The Pit Bull, Is 'Begging' For Your Votes

By: Liz Collin
Oct 23, 2008

By this time you're probably tired of constant commercials and signs looking for your vote next month. But there's one girl who hopes you'll elect her to one big job. Her name is Ruby and she's a five-year-old pit bull.

Ruby the Milkbone Spokesdog Candidate






Ruby the pit bull could soon add "SpokesDog" to her long resume. For the first time in its 100 year history Milk-Bone is picking a " SpokesDog", and of tens of thousands of pictures entered into the contest, Ruby is one of only 100 finalists.

Pat Bettendorf rescued Ruby five years ago. She was inducted into the Minnesota Animal Hall of Fame, worked with him at a radio station, volunteered as a therapy dog in nursing homes and even walked the red carpet before performing in a play.

"This is not atypical of her behavior. She's very typical of a true well-raised pit bull, " Bettendorf said.

Ruby could soon add "SpokesDog" to that resume. For the first time in its 100 year history Milk-Bone is picking a " SpokesDog". Tens of thousands of pictures entered the contest, and only 100 are finalists.

"I just never thought it would happen, I just never thought it, and, of course, Ruby, she's cool through it all," Bettendorf said.

Stops around the country and $100,000 come with the title, but before she makes it that far, like any good politician, the pooch is still perfecting her pitch.

"We're running a clean campaign. We're not going to besmirch anybody but, dang, she's awful cute," Bettendorf said.

The last day to vote is Nov. 18.