"It is by surmounting difficulties, not by sinking under them that we discover our fortitude."
~ Hannah Webster Foster

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edit 12/30: I am aware that the formatting of the board has been screwing up in IE.  try firefox, it's much better!  I'll be trying to get it all fixed but I probably won't have time til tomorrow.

edit: 1/1: now it's really happy new year!  ;) 

I wanted to let everyone know I am going to start allowing sign ups on the main part of the site in the next couple/few days.  I'm in the process installing a new links component that will allow a lot more user participation in maintaining them and logged in users are part of that.  thanks for using Gamedogs.org and may you and your dogs have a great 2010!

Well, as you can see my site was totally fucked up for more than a week while my TERRIBLE old hosting company webhostingpad first had a server go out then screwed me around for a few days before telling me the newest backup they could come up with was more than a year old.  I had been slowly working on some new site designs for the last couple months but this prompted my marathon re-installation of the site.  I've already made a few improvements and have several more on the way.

as to all the board posts, new members, kennel submission, etc from the last 2+ months, well, they're gone.  At least it wasn't too awful much since I had been pretty busy with the new usdo website and hadn't gotten too much done here.  if you signed up, posted or anything else since hallowe'en you need to do it again.

of course the rest of the site will be coming back up over the next few days or so.  and if you encounter any errors let me know, I am sure there will be some bugs as this was quite a big move and process.

I hope you all like the new look and layout and features.

thanks for using Gamedogs.org!


HAPPY 2010!