"And you don't stop, and you don't quit.🎼 "
~ Warren G

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  I'm in the process of installing a new links component that will allow a lot more user participation in maintaining them and logged in users are part of that.

I've added a "Not Guilty" menu item to the left for easy tracking of the stories I profile of bulldog folks who are harassed and persecuted by ARs/LE only to be found not guilty.  This helped clean up the front page a little for quicker page loading too.

I finally sat down and figured out how to get videos embedded here so that they all work (for me at least, let me know if not for you).  so if you've looked in the past and the video page has been a mess, have another look. (tbest viewed on a high-speed connection)

I cleaned up the Concrete Water Bowl Instruction page and just got the Concrete Feed Bowl Instructions done too.  I hope to get the chain set up page done this week if possible as well.  The "mark as read" function in the forums is fixed now too.

The Arcade is back too, along with its menu link to the left.  Patterdale page is cleaned up and I am almost ready with the new main (kennel) links page, it's gonna be nice!

January 2010