"Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke."
~ Benjamin Disraeli

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I don't know this guy or anything about him but this is an obvious and ridiculous abuse of power, he should get a lawyer and not be foolish like the other NC guy this week and hand over his dogs for killing. it is so pathetic to watch so many have so little bottom end involved in a breed whose ideal is the gamedog. I hope he won't be one of them.

I am pretty certain a lot of this is coming from 'peds online'. that site is a nightmare for the dog's decent real owners and defenders. it is full of snitches and cops, peddlers and online big mouth wanna-be and sideline-hanger-on 'dogmen'. Anybody who is still on there and posting regularly in 2010 is suspect or stupid.

most of the big breeders have been raided or scared out of dogs. same for most of the working class guys and gals just keeping a small yard and doing dogs as a hobby, the decent people. Now all that's left are the worst of the worst, and a few breeders and/or registry (with associated sycophants) or two who must be infiltrated/cooperating.

I usually try to keep only to the pro-bulldog type articles for this site but I wanted to comment on this because Goodwin is just so in the weeds on this public comment about how transporters are used "to bring female pit bulls to customers in order to breed for dogfighting purposes". it's like so much of this witchhunt against dogmen and even BSL. They're using the example of the "bad" actions of a very small minority as though it is the rule.

I hate liars. and the dog world is full of them on both sides of bulldogs.

the fact and TRUTH is the vast majority of people using transporters are using them to transfer puppies they've sold to pet owners and maybe an occasional older dog. It is an out and out lie to make it out like the transporting business is about nothing but facilitating the breeding of fighting dogs.

In a way it is just an extension of breed profiling since the transportation of cocker spaniels would never be considered for these ludicrous invasions of privacy and property. Same goes for treadmills, they always say treadmills indicate dogfighting yet not only do hundreds, maybe thousands, of APBT owners use them for completely lawful purposes but so do thousands or maybe even tens of thousands of dog owners of other breeds!

I have a whole argument I could make about all that but won't go into it now. I will say that it should be noted that the brian bailey event precipitated some of this anti-transporter agenda as well (I think he got back on peds online as soon as he got out of jail. I know he got on hachiman's and oldog's boards right away which was just as bad). He's another example of the trash I mentioned in the first two paragraphs. Him taking his umpteenth "deal" just fueled and emboldened the h$/ARs on this whole issue.

N.C. man arrested on dogfighting charges in Bedford County

By Scott Leamon
May 25, 2010

The Humane Society of the United States confirmed on Tuesday the arrest of a North Carolina man in Bedford County on a charge of dogfighting.

Online court records show Jeffrey Denny is charged with one misdemeanor count of animal fighting.

The Humane Society’s animal fighting campaign manager, John Goodwin, said Denny is one of only a handful of ‘transporters‘¬Ě in the illegal world of dogfighting.

Transporters are paid to bring female pit bulls to customers in order to breed for dogfighting purposes, Goodwin said.

Goodwin said authorities in Randolph County, N.C., raided Denny’s property at about the same time as his arrest in Bedford County.

The Humane Society’s brand new mobile crime lab assisted authorities in the investigation, Goodwin said. He said it was the first alleged animal abuse case in which the society has used the crime lab.