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~ Winston Churchill

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Charges Dropped Against Man Accused Of Dog Fighting

March 31, 2011

NEW CUMBERLAND, W.Va. -- Animal cruelty charges against a Hancock County man who was accused of dogfighting were dropped.Tom Brookover was reunited with his 7-year-old pit bull named Tank on Thursday afternoon.

"I'm just glad to have Tank back finally," said Brookover.

Brookover lost custody of his dog in June of 2010 and was charged with animal cruelty. Authorities accused Brookover of using his pit bull in dogfights.

"He got loose and was gone for like three days. They found him after I reported him missing and accused me of fighting him," said Brookover. "They found him. He was all messed up. He got into a fight with another dog or coyotes."

Authorities in Hancock County recently dropped the animal cruelty charges without prejudice, allowing the prosecutor's office the option to refile the charges in the future."There ain't nothing mean about him, so I don't see how they can say that I fight him," said Brookover.